New Way Journey

This is the first step in your process. The New Way Journey is a series of eight workshops, two hours each, that occur once a week. This series of workshops is designed to help you move past life issues that are holding you back from a full life in Jesus. By the last workshop, you can expect to experience a new level of freedom from the things of the past and will be equipped with tools that promote a healthy spirit, soul, and body moving forward. To ditch disappoint, find direction, and discover your destiny, Sign Up today!


Overcoming the Ites

Next, we take a close look at what negative things we have partnered with and have adopted as normal in our lives. Through an intentional process, we break agreement with all of those hindrances and take ground in victory! Overcoming the Ites is about clearing the land and moving into new territory. This is personally and territorially. We cannot bring transformation to a region if we have not experienced transformation personally! Sign Up